This program was written because my friend bob is to lazy to rename the pictures that he takes with his digital camera in order to make the more web friendly.
Yes I am fully aware that you can go to the path at the command prompt and type in "rename *.JPG *.jpg" minus the quotes of course.
Due to the limitations of vb this program runs a little bit slower then using the command prompt.

The purpose of this program is to send all those shortcuts aol installs all over your computer (when installing aim) to the recycle bin.
This is a real nuisance and total overkill. The last install of aim put 8 shortcuts on my system in my start menu, one on my desktop, two on my link menu,
two in my Favorites folder, one in my Internet Explorer directory, and two on my start menu.

Aol I do totally appreciate being able to use aim for free but isn't the ad in aim its self enough!

The purpose of this program is to convert ASCII to binary or to convert binary to ASCII.
Yes I was bored enough to create this program!

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you may reach me at use the subject claws03